Magnetic Storm: What is it?

Simply put, this is the Earth's reaction to the flames produced on the surface of the sun. As a result of this reaction, oscillations occur, after which billions of charged particles are released by the sun into the atmosphere.

Where can treasure be found?

To reach the treasures that have been buried in the past, we must know the principles and rules according to which these treasures are buried. By recognizing them, one can be informed of the existence of treasures in the areas and with tools such as metal detectors. These signs play the role of a treasure map. The map you will follow to find the treasure.

Soil layers: What do they represent?

Broken jar layer: The first layer we encounter in most cases is broken jars. The presence of broken glass in this layer indicates the correctness of the method and the beginning of our work. The jar was used both as a marker and as a soil enhancer, making the soil stronger and harder to work and dig. Usually, we have to reach this layer for the first two meters.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Next Star Metal Detectors?

Choosing the right metal detector is the first step to an exciting and accurate exploration. either you are a professional explorer and the fascinating world of exploration is an important part of your life or you are just entering this wonderful world, choosing the right metal detector is a vital decision to start this fascinating path.