Where can treasure be found?

To reach the treasures that have been buried in the past, we must know the principles and rules according to which these treasures are buried. By recognizing them, one can be informed of the existence of treasures in the areas and with tools such as metal detectors. These signs play the role of a treasure map. The map you will follow to find the treasure. This plan needs to be thoroughly analyzed, this is not everyone's job and the slightest mistake can distract you from your goal and waste your effort. Where should we really look for treasure?

There are many signs in nature that can be used to detect the existence of treasure in an area. The presence of a large rock that is specifically different from other rocks can be a sign. There may be special inscriptions or designs engraved on these stones, which can be an important sign of treasure. There are other signs such as boulders, old trees, fountains, and mounds, but you should note that one sign is not enough for the treasure in the area and other signs should be sought to be sure.

Hill, a sign of treasure:

Some hills are a sign of treasure, but not every hill!!! There are many hills in mountainous and even desert areas. These hills are not the definitive reason for the existence of treasure in that area. An earthen mound that lacks stone veins and is not natural can be an example of the places we are looking for. A hill that has a special appearance and is different from other hills in the region.

Differences in terrestrial layers, treasure signs:

If you see signs that increase the likelihood of treasure in that area, start digging. Signs of treasure are not only seen in the vicinity of treasure. In any area where you start digging, you will see that the first layer is suitable for that environment (mountainous, forested, desert, etc.). After 50 cm of digging, you should encounter artifacts such as coal, clay, or pieces of brick and river stone, etc., otherwise, there is no treasure. These symptoms may now appear after one meter. Porcelain, tombstone or human corpse, earthenware jar, charcoal (at least 7 cm) or soap flowers (oil), which in the past were used to insulate and prevent moisture and protect the treasure, and… others Signs of treasure that may be found after one meter. But this sign is not entirely sufficient for the existence of treasure in those areas, because in the past someone may have lit a fire there. If you dig to a depth of 2 meters, you will face another sign. The presence of natural and unnatural folds or large stones with different shapes and colors and the presence of raw clay that are placed next to each other in a stepped manner are important signs of the existence of treasure in that place. Another sign is the presence of lime or lime mud, which is used to resist and prevent soil subsidence.

Fountain, entrance door to the treasure hall:

The presence of springs next to hills, valleys, and trees is used as a second or third sign in treasure maps. The presence of spring leads us to the goal and maybe the last sign. Now, if the spring is around the hill, the treasure may be at the entrance of the hill, but if the spring is at the top of the mountain, treasures may be buried next to it. Among all the springs that have these conditions, there is only a 10% chance of a treasure.

These are the signs of the existence of treasure. If you encounter these signs, you should start digging!!! And 2 to 3 meters to encounter other signs of treasure. If a sub-sign deceives you, you will be miles away from the treasure, and in the end, you will not get anything and you will waste your energy and time. If you have a Next Star metal detector, you will make sure there is a treasure in the ground without digging.

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