5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Next Star Metal Detectors?

Choosing the right metal detector is the first step to an exciting and accurate exploration. either you are a professional explorer and the fascinating world of exploration is an important part of your life or you are just entering this wonderful world, choosing the right metal detector is a vital decision to start this fascinating path. If you are one of the people who want to enter this attractive field, you should not make this important decision based only on one person's opinion. It should be noted that many old and traditional users of metal detectors may be affiliated with a particular brand of a particular company and are usually opposed to any new or different technology. Many of the best features of these devices in the field of electronics and artificial intelligence have been developed in recent years, so you need to always study the latest achievements in this field. In the following article, we explain why Next Star metal detectors are one of the best devices in the world for accurate exploration.

Number one: Suitable for all users

You can look at exploration as an exciting and adventurous hobby like the Indiana Jones, or as a skilled scientist and archaeologist as a meticulous scientific process. In each of the above two categories, Next Star metal detectors with a variety of devices are a good option for you. Metal detectors such as the Vega NX Pro are a popular choice for exploration professionals with two powerful vertical and horizontal sensors and numerous software features to analyze the scans performed. But if you are just starting and want to experience an easy and accurate scan, the SE Series Metal Detectors are easy to use and have plenty of instructional videos.

Number two: Use in different places

You may be in a hot desert in the heart of Africa or Australia, or a green area in the heart of Europe, or a cold, icy environment in Canada. With Next Star Metal Detectors, you can perform a proper scan in any environment, in any situation, and with any amount of temperature and humidity. On the other hand, the variety of scan modes, such as 360-degree scanning in the Vega series, allows users to accurately scan places such as the walls of an ancient cave or a tunnel just like flat ground.

Number three: Using the latest technologies

One of the features of Next Star metal detectors is the use of the latest technologies in the fields of software, electronics, and artificial intelligence. This feature not only affects the accuracy and power of these devices but also adds countless features for more professional and accurate scanning. The addition of these new features makes the scanning process more accurate and powerful, as well as the software options of Advance Edit, Scans performed and their analysis in these metal detectors, making the work easier for professional explorers than ever before.

Number four: Reasonable price

One of the goals of Next Star is that all exploration enthusiasts can have an up-to-date, high-performance, highly professional system. This allows everyone to share the fun of adventure and exploration at the highest level with others. To achieve this goal, Next Star Company offers its products with the highest standard and is equipped with the highest technology and facilities in this field at the lowest possible price so that everyone can share in the joy of this unique adventure.

Number five: Powerful and very accurate

Technologies such as HDT and DAP (Depth Analysis System) are designed specifically for Vega devices. These technologies enable Next Star devices to scan 50 meters above the ground. The ability to scan to a depth of 50 meters is unparalleled among metal detectors on the market. On the other hand, the data resolution up to the Picotsela range, as well as the ability to take 300 samples per second, makes the Vega series of metal detectors unparalleled power and accuracy.

Finally, it does not matter if you are a novice explorer or have years of experience exploring different areas. 6 versions of Vega series metal detectors with their technical variety are suitable for every taste and need. If you are a professional and you want to have different scan modes with countless software features along with two very powerful vertical and horizontal sensors, NX Pro and GS Pro series are available to you at different prices. If you want to experience a very accurate scan with special modes in different conditions and environments, NX and GS metal detectors are suitable for you. If you are just starting and you are looking for a professional metal detector with a very reasonable price and unique features, the DS and SE series from the Vega version is the best option for you.