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Introduction of NEXT STAR GmbH

NEXT STAR GmbH is a new start-up company in the fields of research and investigation with researchers and engineers in the areas of geophysics, software and electronics and … In the country, it works with the science and technology of Germany.
The company has been proud of professional research on geosciences with the help of experienced forces in the field of archeology, geophysics and by studying the ancient properties of the various geographical regions of the world, we have been manufacturing and developing a new generation of multipurpose intelligent video systems for discovering and pinpointing the buried objects on the ground.
The company’s goal is to provide products of global standards and German name quality, and to provide specific services worldwide, based on regional studies and compatibility of devices with an ancient property of all parts of the world, as well as to minimize human errors during exploration based on intelligence.
These intelligent systems are used for analyzing archaeological, military and industrial treasuring purposes.
These devices are capable of detecting various types of treasure, tunnels and underground holes, mines, cables and pipes, as well as metal objects, coins, precious metals such as gold and silver, treasures, treasures and wonders and
geological abnormalities with the highest stability, with unique features and innovative methods and the elimination of human-environmental errors.


The company has been proud of professional

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