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industrial revoloution

Next Star 3D Scanners are now the most complete and up-to-date imaging device on the market, all designed and manufactured in Germany by Next Star specialists, using the latest technology in geophysics and geology , the field of electronics, telecommunications, field and waves, software and artificial intelligence, etc. Next Star 3D scanners are an attractive device for all kinds of discoveries around the world.

Vega NX Pro

One of the most powerful, complete and up-to-date 3D scanning devices in the world with the ability to capture data at a depth of 50 meters with dedicated "GMI" software.

Vega NX

The new generation of 3D scanning devices with the latest technology in the world, along with the exclusive "GMI" software with the capability of two 3D scanning modes and two live scanning modes.

Vega GS Pro

Vega GS Pro is one of the best, most powerful metal detectors in the world, using the exclusive "GMI" software to get the most accurate scans.

Vega GS

The golden devices of Next Star Company for a detailed scan with the ability to find all kinds of underground burials up to a depth of 30 meters, along with exclusive "GMI" software.

Vega DS

Diamond devices of Next Star Company are capable of finding all kinds of underground burials up to a depth of 30 meters and special software with two 3D scanning modes.

Vega SE

Next Star Special Edition 3D Scanners, cost-ersective, powerful, and high-performance with data capture capability up to 15 meters deep with dedicated "GMI" software.


Peerless has the highest image quality of signal output processing. Elegant design, powerful yet simple and portable Peerless device makes it easy for you to find and track.