About us

Next Star GmbH is a research and research firm with educators and researchers in the field of high-end science in the fields of electronics, artificial intelligence and geophysics and robotics. Next Star GmbH is located in the leading country in technology, Germany. Next Star, after years of extensive research on geological sciences with the help of young and motivated forces along with experienced archeology and geophysical engineers, has explored the ancient properties and characteristics of each geographic region to produce and develop a new generation of Intelligent and multifunctional video systems for accurate detection and positioning of hidden objects underground. Manufacture of magnetometry-based systems and the analysis and processing of magnetic signals, and imaging systems based on the method of signal processing and analysis appropriate to any system, with the highest accuracy in detecting anomalies and finding objects buried in the ground. The high age of this method as well as the capability of aerial and ground harvesting in this area have led to more users using these types of devices.

At Next Star we've made it easy for you to discover. Next Star devices have the lowest error rate and the best performance in the market, utilizing the latest science. Online support, the best after-sales service, the best materials to make parts for, and so on are some of the services we provide.

Our goal

Our goal at Next Star is to maximize your satisfaction. Our Next Star round-the-clock effort is to keep your expectation high. Extensive research in robotics, artificial intelligence and geophysics is our duty to keep our products and software up to date.